SeerBI's Impact on Maritime Industry: Success Stories & Exciting New Developments

By Owain Brennan

At SeerBI, we are proud to announce the launch of case studies on our website, showcasing the incredible work our teams have accomplished in the maritime sector. After a year and a half of tireless effort, we are thrilled to share the results of our collaborations with industry leaders such as Casper Group and Exis Technologies. Moreover, we are excited to tease the development and upcoming release of a new product from SeerBI.

The SeerBI team on a ship at sea, cyber punk style

Casper Group:

Our collaboration with Casper Group has led to significant improvements in their operational efficiency and transparency, resulting in considerable time savings across various processes, including UCN customs claiming, company reporting, and GVMS processing. The scalable data analytics solutions we have deployed have allowed Casper Group to automate their workflows, saving time and reducing manual labor in Excel-based tasks.

By implementing operations analytics infrastructure and maritime automation processes, Casper Group has reduced OPEX costs, improved safety and compliance, and increased confidence in their reporting mechanisms. The directors from Casper Group have praised our work, stating that the innovations we have introduced have allowed the group to scale faster with streamlined and automated systems.

A image of the efficincies gained for Casper Group

Exis Technologies:

For Exis Technologies, we have developed and deployed advanced AI-driven systems for hazardous cargo monitoring and rule recommendation, allowing them to scale faster and improve their internal and external transparency. Through the development of custom analytics infrastructure and AI models, we have helped Exis Technologies gain deeper insight into their extensive dataset of over 31 million records.

Our collaboration has improved their cargo hazard monitoring and allowed near real-time tracking of cargo through the platform. By working closely with Exis Technologies’ development team, we have successfully introduced new data technologies into their services, enhancing their global container lines monitoring capabilities. The CIO of Exis Technologies, Mike Durkin, has applauded our collaborative efforts in propelling the introduction of these new technologies.

A quote from Mike Durkin CIO of Exis about the work SeerBI completed with Exis Technologies

As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of data science and AI in the maritime sector, we are excited to tease the development and upcoming release of a new series of product from SeerBI. Stay tuned for more information about this groundbreaking solution that will revolutionize the way businesses in traditional industries industry operate.

In conclusion, we are proud of the hard work our teams have put into delivering exceptional results for our clients. We look forward to continuing our growth and innovation in the maritime sector, as well as sharing more about our upcoming product release soon. To learn more about the case studies mentioned above, please visit our Case Studies page and if you would like to Unlock Your Data, contact us.

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