SeerBI Announces Development of Data-Intensive Platform for Oshen’s Autonomous Micro-Vessels

SeerBI, a leading maritime data science lab based in the North East UK, is proud to announce the commencement of a groundbreaking collaboration with Oshen to develop a next-generation mission planner and data platform for Oshen’s fleets of autonomous micro-vessels.

Revolutionizing Ocean Data Collection

Oshen’s innovative robotic sensing systems are redefining ocean data collection methods. Using small, rapidly deployable marine robots packed with sensors, they can provide high-density, real-time data critical to environmental and climate research. In their short history they’ve made rapid progress, with their biodiversity monitoring solution recently securing funding from DEFRA, the UK government department for the environment and fisheries. SeerBI will provide its expertise in Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Platform Development to deliver an advanced platform that will enhance the capabilities of Oshen’s micro-vessel fleets. The platform uses the data transmitted live from Oshen’s micro-vessels to deliver key insights, enabling users to make more informed decisions from their data.

Key Features of the Collaboration Project:

  • Advanced Data Platform: Leveraging SeerBI’s data science expertise to create a platform capable of managing high-density environmental data collected by Oshen’s micro-vessels.
  • Autonomous Control & Tracking: Tracking and monitoring of Oshen’s fleets, allowing the end user to plan missions, track progress and easily retask micro-vessels via satellite. 
  • Extracting value: Turning raw data into key understandable metrics, and producing easy to understand insights for immediate decision making. 

Owain Brennan, CEO of SeerBI, Commented:

“Since meeting the Oshen team over a year ago, we’ve been hugely excited by their vision to provide low cost access to ocean data. It’s been fantastic working with them to develop their insights platform, and streamline the control and monitoring of Oshen’s autonomous fleets. We believe this partnership will drive data-driven innovation in climate-critical ocean research.”

Oshen’s Vision for the Future:

Oshen is the first company to design a fully autonomous, long duration sensor platform at the 1m micro scale, enabling mass deployment and capturing the ocean’s missing data. Their mission is to offer low cost access to Met-Ocean and environmental data from across the world’s oceans.

About SeerBI:

Based in the North East UK, SeerBI provides Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data Development services, transforming industries with data-driven innovation. With an award-winning team in maritime, logistics, and industry, SeerBI creates actionable solutions to make the industry more efficient.

For more information about SeerBI and its maritime data science solutions, visit or contact [email protected].

About Oshen:

Oshen designs next-generation ocean sensing systems that enable comprehensive ocean data collection. Their fleets of autonomous micro-vessels aggregate real-time, accurate, and high-density environmental data from precisely where it’s needed. Learn more about Oshen’s mission and technology at

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