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Casper Group - Automation & Analysis

The innovations SeerBI has deployed for Casper Group allow the group to scale faster with automated systems ready to scale as they do. As more work comes in, the innovations are streamlined to handle and automate workflows saving human time and reducing manual Excel-based workloads and decreasing customs doument processing times from circa 2 hours to 4 seconds.

Exis Technologies - Maritime Hazard AI & Analysis

The innovations SeerBI has deployed for Exis Technologies allow the group to scale faster with advanced AI drvien systems ready to scale with technical advancement. These developments also allow Exis Technologies to be more transparent internally and with their clients making for a better environemnt for all.

Profesh.AI - GPT Driven Web App is an innovative product developed by SeerBI that uses advanced artificial intelligence to transform text into professional and sophisticated content. The product is designed to help businesses and individuals communicate more effectively by refining language and giving it a polished tone. With, users can ensure that their written content is of the highest quality and conveys a professional image. 

COG Legal - Natural Language Processing

The innovations SeerBI has deployed for COG Legal allow the organisation to scale faster with advanced Machine Learning and NLP driven systems ready to scale document processing. These developments also allow COG Legal to work with new clients across the world with advanced document and legal billing classification and detection techniques.

Data Analytics as a Service

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