SeerBI’s Journey at the QTAP Showcase: Pioneering Quantum Solutions for Logistics

Introduction to Quantum Innovation at SeerBI

As a participant and innovator at the recent Quantum Technology Application Showcase (QTAP) by Digital Catapult and sponsored by BT, Orca Computing and River Lane, SeerBI is proud to share our journey and contributions in the evolving landscape of quantum computing. The event, a gathering point for pioneers in the quantum field, provided an unparalleled opportunity to discuss, discover, and display the immense potential of quantum technologies in addressing real-world challenges.

Quantum Computing: A Logistics Game Changer

Our team was particularly excited to present our latest project developed through the QTAP Programme — a quantum computing model designed to transform logistics operations for Flytta. By employing quantum variational binary classification, our model aims to accurately classify container deliveries as either on-time or late. This innovative approach allows for the processing of a greater number of features with fewer missed signals, representing a significant leap towards operational efficiency and reliability in the logistics sector. This model was trained on the Orca Computing PT-1 Photon based Quantum Computer

SeerBI’s Quantum Model for Flytta: A New Era of Efficiency

The showcase not only highlighted the current state and future prospects of quantum computing but also allowed us to demonstrate the practical application of these technologies in improving business operations alongside our programme co-hort from Airbus, Rolls Royce and Port of Dover. Our work with Flytta is just one example of how quantum computing can be leveraged to solve complex logistical problems, providing a glimpse into the future where quantum technologies drive advancements across various industries.

Showcasing Quantum Achievements: SeerBI at QTAP

The discussions and presentations at the QTAP event reinforced the importance of collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with quantum computing. SeerBI is committed to continuing our exploration of quantum technologies, contributing to a future where these advancements reshape industries and enhance the way we live and work along with our cohort partners.

The Future of Quantum Computing in Logistics

The QTAP Showcase was an inspiring reminder of the quantum journey we are on — one that SeerBI is thrilled to be a part of. As we look forward to the next wave of quantum breakthroughs, we remain dedicated to developing solutions that not only address today’s challenges but also pave the way for a brighter, more efficient future.

Going forward we will continue to work with Orca Computing on building Quantum Machine Learning applications for the logistics and maritime sector and working with our customers to explore practical applications of Quantum machine learning. If you would like to discuss our quantum journey or enquire about our innovation and data science services contact our team.

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