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Based in the North East UK, SeerBI provides Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Big Data  Development and Quantum services to create actionable solutions and make the industry more efficient with an award-winning team.

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Unsure of what AI can do for your business? Instead of a leap of faith into a big AI development project, you can start with something smaller, yet with a tangible result.

SeerBI’s AI Discovery Workshop is a hands-on experience where, together, we understand your current data environment and identify the highest potential AI use cases for your business and explore how these can be developed for you.

Bespoke Machine Learning & AI

By applying AI & Machine Learning methods, we can unlock your data to speed up processes, reduce costs and introduce cutting edge technologies into your organisation. 

Business Intelligence

Using tried and tested data analytics and visualisation tools, we can help you to understand your business and unlock unseen insights to become a data-driven company and lead your sector into a digital future. 

A Demo UI Maritime Dashboard by SeerBI in Brand Colou
Big Data Management

Using advanced and scaleable big data pipeline technologies, we can help you get your data in order from data lake management to local data structuring. We work across cloud provides to build the solution that suits you

Automate your Customs processes

A joint venture between SeerBI and Casper GroupAutomate your Customs declarations and trade documents using AI from commercial invoices, packing lists and CMRs trapped in Email, Excel, API & More. 

The SeerBI Data Science Innovation Approach

Case Studies

The Casper Group are delighted to be working with SeerBI to deliver innovative digital solutions – The team have helped us move at pace to help us better understand our data and digitise workflows, making real time savings and efficiency improvements which in turn result in vastly improved service levels and delivery to our customers across our group. We continue to collaborate, working on further digital solutions and look forward to the significant benefits these will bring.

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Mastering the Waves: A Comprehensive Guide to Training a Large Language Model for the Maritime Sector with Python

In the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence (AI), language models stand as powerful instruments for comprehending and producing human-like text. At SeerBI, we train and develop AI models and data solutions for our clients. Tailoring such models to the maritime sector requires a meticulous approach, blending domain-specific knowledge with cutting-edge

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How does AI Simplify Maritime Compliance using Large Language Models?

In the vast expanse of the maritime industry, compliance with regulations and standards is not just a bureaucratic obligation; it’s a fundamental necessity for safety, security, and sustainability. However, the complexity of maritime regulations, which span from safety protocols to environmental protection measures, often poses significant challenges for shipowners, operators,

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Industry Insight

How AI is Transforming Import/Export in Maritime

The maritime import/export industry is experiencing significant transformation through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s a detailed look at how AI is revolutionizing various aspects of this sector: Predictive Analytics AI harnesses the power of predictive analytics to analyze vast amounts of historical and real-time data. This allows companies

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Leading corporations like Rolls-Royce and innovative startups like SeerBI are leveraging quantum technology to revolutionise energy, infrastructure, and engineering.

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