The Power of Data Dashboards

Understand the data you hold in order to build strategies, provide value and evolve. 

By Owain Brennan

Interactive data dashboards are a concept that many people are familiar with although in slightly different contexts. Most online platforms that we use for business day to day such as Facebook, LinkedIn, any CRM or Google Analytics provide internal data dashboards in order to view and interact with the data held on the platform

Hubspot data dashboard

Although most people know the value these dashboards can provide inside of the environments we use such as understanding marketing traffic flows, visualising data spread between customer types and setting and tracking in platform goals. A very small amount of business leaders or managers use external dashboards to track the rest of their business outside of the limited platforms and contexts. 

At SeerBI we provide solutions to enable organisations to track any KPI within their organisation be that in logistics, operations, engineering settings, project management, product development etc.

These data dashboards not only allow business leaders to understand their own organisation better and track what is going on more efficiently but also allow us to understand your data so that we can recommend or provide bespoke machine learning or AI technologies to upskill your business into the future.

Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice.” –

Stephen Few

Check out an example of an interactive e-commerce dashboard one of our data analysts Johnson Akinpelumi developed below to be able to investigate sales numbers, customer types and track sales targets. 

If you would like to investigate the use of data dashboards within your organisation SeerBI provide free data exploration and consultation services, contact us.


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