Meet Owain Brennan

Founder, CEO of SeerBI

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By Hannah Stothard - Published 2021

In this blog post we will be asking Owain Brennan the Founder and CEO of SeerBI a few questions so that you can get to know him better!

Meet Owain Brennan our Managing Director

Tell us a bit about your background before founding SeerBI.

My educational background is in business and marketing but I’ve always had an interest in how data and computing affect businesses and the transformational change they can bring. I have also been programming since I was around 10 starting with simple games in Python.  

During my bachelor’s degree, I was able to take part in a variety of different projects, such as working with Teesside University as a marketing and data science lecturer, writing research papers on data science and taking part in the Digital City Student Board. 

After completing my BA Degree, I chose to take on a Masters’ Degree in Applied Data Science where I further developed my skills alongside freelance work in maritime and cloud / data science deployments and the business developed business from there. 

My industry experience is mainly based around the Maritime sector, with my longest role as the Project Coordinator and Marketing Manager of the High Tide Foundation. Other maritime experience comes from my work as a freelance data analyst working with companies such as Casper Shipping.

What are your key responsibilities?

My key responsibilities cover the management of the company as well as planning strategies for us going forwards. Working closely with my network to identify problems within industries that we can work to solve. I also currently handle all finances, legal and sales within the company with a hand in supporting our data analysts and developers to understand customers’ problems and a role in developing machine learning solutions alongside our developers. 

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on?

My favourite project I have worked on since starting SeerBI has been working with NVIDIA to join the NVIDIA Inception programme. This allows us to use some of the amazing technologies they have given us access to in order to better support our customers, such as Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing tools (more on that soon!).

Where are we most likely to find you outside of work? 

Out with my dog Luna somewhere in nature. We love to get out hiking, paddle boarding and exploring our local area in our campervan.

Finally, something we’d never guess about you?

I owned and managed a microbar specialising in whiskey and wine for two years before the pandemic! 


That is all from Owain for this post, but if you want to hear more from him check out his social pages here:

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to more of the SeerBI staff so keep an eye out! 


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