Machine Learning & AI

We provide machine learning and AI development for use cases spanning prediction to computer vision, proccess automation and beyond from inception to system integration we provide a full-service solution. Organizations now have access to more data than ever before and we help you put that data to work.

Prediction and Classification

Know where you are going

We can help you track data from across your organisation such as operations, social media, sales, production and more to receive accurate predictions to make better data-driven decisions. Do you have an office task you want to automate? speak with our data scientists to learn what technology we can use to automate the mundane tasks. 

Computer Vision

View the world with more data

Using computer vision techniques we can help yoour organisation understand the world better. With access to models such as people detecton, vehicle and ship detection, lisence plate reading, pose estimation and more, any organisation can become cutting edge.

Natural Language Processing

Know what your customers really mean

Using systems such as OpenAI’s GPT Large Language Models we can help you to develop and integrate systems harnessing the power of AI and language such as text generation, sentiment analysis, human understandign systems and more.

Wall E reading a book for machine learning
SeerBI Office at Victoria Building Teesside University

Machine Learning Deployment

making machine learning realwith MLops

The most impost important part of the machine learning proccess is ensuring you can actually use your machine learning model or ai effectivley. Using Machine Learning Operations (MLops) we can deploy, moitor and update your machine learning models to ensure they work as intended.

A world class team to help you get the most out of your data

Our team of data scientists/data analysts are here to help you understand your data, get the most value out of it and make your organisation as good as it can be. 

Data Analytics as a Service

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