Coote O'Grady Partners With SeerBI To Develop Machine Learning Capability

By Hannah Stothard

North East-based legal spend management company Coote O’Grady today announced it has partnered with SeerBI, data science specialists, to develop machine learning capability and drive forward their organisation optimisation with digital capability.

Coote O’Grady provide legal spend management solutions and consulting on all legal spend management issues combining real expertise with personalised services.

SeerBI is a data science specialist focused on applying proven data science practices into industries, to help them implement real AI and machine learning to improve operations and productivity with methods such as prediction, natural language processing and computer vision.


With support from SeerBI, Coote O’Grady will implement advanced natural language processing based machine learning into their existing legal spend management platform. This will improve platform efficiency and autonomy, saving valuable human hours and improving the customer experience through an intelligent and highly accurate process. 

“We are very excited about this next phase of development. We are keen to ensure we invest in AI for real benefit we’ve got ambitious goals around this but thankfully 6 years of legal bill review experience gives us the ability to build real innovation in the legal technology / AI space. We are using it to enhance and support our excellent team but we will always have the team supporting our clients; it’s one of the key reasons our clients chose us. We believe, with the AI, we will have a market-beating tech / service hybrid. We are also excited to partner with another innovative, award-winning North-East business.”


SeerBI will support Coote O’Grady in building a platform for further machine learning development and integration as the organisation grows and the need for advanced digital practices advance.


The collaboration will bring advanced data science speciality to Coote O’Grady to drive their digital growth and will allow SeerBI to explore new markets and opportunities to apply their data science technology. 

“We are excited to begin this machine learning journey with Coote O’Grady, an organisation clearly focused on growth and innovation much like ourselves. There is a large scope for practical machine learning implementation in the organisation we are set on exploring and unlocking.”

At SeerBI we were delighted with the opportunity to work with a great and innovative team looking to unlock their future with AI.

If you are interested in innovating in your sector or want to explore the use of machine learning and data analysis to build value and unlock insights let us know and unlock your data.


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