A New Year at SeerBI

We are ready for the future and you should be too

By Owain Brennan

Although we are only 3 months old at SeerBI we are taking the new year as an opportunity to reflect on what we have built so far and where we want to go in the future with the exciting opportunities ahead of us. 

The future of business intelligence and data analysis in all forms is growing day by day with groundbreaking research being conducted on our very doorstep at Teesside University. We hope to take advantage of all this growth and opportunity to play our part in levelling up sectors with state of the art business intelligence practices alongside actionable machine learning implementations. 

We are well underway with our first commercial business intelligence and machine learning projects that we can’t wait to share the Teesvalley area soon. 

“Every company has big data in its future, and every company will eventually be in the data business.” –

Thomas H. Davenport

In just the 3 months since we founded we have been able to build a great team of business intelligence and data science professionals ready to tackle any challenge in making legacy industries frictionless with the application of smart data practices.

We have also been able to work alongside professionals from Teesside University in ensuring our business, as well as our data handling and scientific practices, are the best they can be. This has come alongside an office suite in which we are currently based on the Teesside University campus named Assembly Hall.

By working closely with local business, technology and logistics professionals over the last few months we are ready to make our impact on 2022.

We look forward to telling you more about ourselves and how we plan to support the Tees Valley area and beyond by making the transport sector frictionless with the application of business intelligence and data analytics. 

If you are a part of the transport sector and want to take your data strategy to the next level contact us.

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