Revolutionizing UK Customs: SeerBI & Casper Digital Launch Flytta for Faster, AI-Powered Trade Processing

By Owain Brennan

SeerBI and Casper Digital are delighted to announce a partnership for the co-development and delivery of a new automated digital trade product, Flytta, which reduces the customs processing time for goods into the UK. Jointly developed by data scientists and customs experts to expedite the customs declaration process, from typically 90 minutes to near instant.

The partnership has successfully onboarded 3 key customers in the customs and logistics sector and collaborated with 9 prominent importers/exporters. Together, this dynamic alliance has catalysed transformative changes in the industry, leading to extraordinary outcomes and aligning with the 2025 UK border strategy for innovation and seamless trade.

Flytta is on track to process 6000 trucks crossing the UK border, equating to an impressive ~20,000 customs declarations, encompassing more than 12 million products by the end of 2023. What’s even more remarkable is the time saved — a staggering reduction of 30,000 hours in human processing time. This translates to a remarkable 98% increase in efficiency, allowing our partners to augment their teams with AI and strategically reallocate their time and resources.

Nikki Sayer MD of Casper Customs, who were the first to implement the platform, stated “Flytta has significantly expedited the time-consuming customs process. The traditional customs declaration process has long been a bottleneck for traders, resulting in supply chain delays, increased costs, and reduced efficiency. Flytta has revolutionised this critical stage of border crossing trade, streamlining our operations and delivering immense benefits. With shorter turnaround times, our customers can now avoid potentially unnecessary storage fees, expedite the delivery of goods, and maintain lean inventories.”

Based on CDS (Customs Declaration Service) and CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight ), Flytta allows businesses to process 1000’s of customs declarations instantly using Flytta’s AI models. It can integrate with a current customs environment with technology providers such as ASM, Descartes, Sedna, Microsoft and more. It can be easily scaled from 10 to 10 million declarations to reduce human errors, speed up declaration processing time and reduce costs.

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Head of Casper Digital and Flytta creator, Alan Appleyard stated “Flytta couldn’t be better timed as the UK moved to stricter customs and border checks as the final stages of Brexit begin materialising, we’re excited to be supporting a number of customers to deploy the platform and look forward to bringing more customs agents and traders online as the platform grows”

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