Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The field of computer science known as “natural language processing” (NLP) is more particularly the field of “artificial intelligence” (AI) that is concerned with providing computers the capacity to comprehend written and spoken words in a manner similar to that of humans. We develop NLP solutions to deploy the power of the human language to organisations services and systems.


How Does NLP Work?

The technology that understands us

NLP blends statistics, machine learning, and deep learning models with computational linguistics—rule-based modelling of human language. With the use of these technologies, computers are now able to process human language in the form of text or audio data and fully “understand” what is being said or written, including the speaker’s or writer’s intentions and sentiment.

Computer programmes that translate text between languages, reply to spoken commands, and quickly summarise vast amounts of text—even in real-time—are all powered by NLP. You’ve probably used NLP in the form of voice-activated GPS devices, digital assistants, speech-to-text dictation programmes, customer service chatbots, and other consumer conveniences. The use of NLP in corporate solutions, however, is expanding as a means of streamlining business operations, boosting worker productivity, and streamlining mission-critical business procedures.

Applying NLP

How do we use it

Natural language is the most important part of most businesses from speaking to customers to checking documents and finding critical answers. 

At SeerBI we apply natural language processing in a variety of ways such as in an API for application consumption, built into organizations workflow, or on in-house servers for local computing.

We work with the worlds best NLP modles such as OpenAI’s GPT systems to develop language based solutions for a variety of needs.

Deploying NLP

Machine learning operations

There are many ways that you can deploy NLP models that will be different for your use case. Whether you want continuous real time analysis from automatic document reading, NLP via a mobile application, or edge device deployment you need to make sure you are deploying correctly.

We work with cloud and hardware providers like Amazon, NVIDIA, Google, and Microsoft to ensure your models are deployed and run with maximum efficiency.

Bespoke Solutions

What you need from inception to Integration

Speak with our team to find the best NLP development plan for your project or organisation, and get a FREE data science consultation to begin your journey.

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