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Product Process Improvements

Automating Processes - Data Science Development

The innovations SeerBI has deployed for COG Legal allow the group to scale faster with automated systems ready to scale as they do. As more work comes in, the innovations are streamlined to handle and automate workflows saving human time and reducing manual workloads involved in legal spend management.

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Workflow Automation

In a groundbreaking partnership, SeerBI collaborated with COG Legal to revolutionize the domain of legal spend management. Undertaking an in-depth analysis of COG Legal’s intricate workflow, SeerBI deconstructed each segment to pinpoint areas ripe for enhancement. By leveraging a sophisticated blend of statistical methodologies and cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, SeerBI introduced a state-of-the-art automation process. 

This innovation not only streamlined classification tasks but also significantly elevated the efficiency of legal spend management operations. Through this collaboration, SeerBI and COG Legal have set a benchmark in harnessing the power of AI to transform traditional legal processes, underscoring the potential of technology-driven solutions in modern legal spend management.

Document Automation

In another innovative venture, SeerBI turned its expertise to the challenge of document processing for COG Legal. Faced with the task of extracting structured data from a myriad of PDF formats, SeerBI developed a bespoke solution that seamlessly integrated custom models with AWS infrastructure. This synergy enabled the intelligent parsing of diverse PDF content, ensuring accurate and consistent data retrieval with in depth error logging.

By harnessing the capabilities of cloud computing and tailored AI models, SeerBI has once again showcased its ability to reimagine and refine complex workflows. This venture not only simplified COG Legal’s data extraction process but also set a new standard in efficient and effective document processing.

A future Ready Tech Stack

Scaleable Systems For Legal Operations

By working within COG Legal’s current infrastructure consisting of AWS and web facing applications, we can deliver a future read and expandable tech stack using the most popular and up-to-date architecture, including Pyhon, Lambda Function, AWS Textract and error logging. 

Tailor-Made Data Systems

Customized Data Services

SeerBI provides customized  data services to clients, from data extraction to transformation to loading to prepare data for visualisation or machine learning / AI. This tailor-made approach makes us flexible to work with the most complex data problems and setups.

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